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Cheap and reliable Java & Website development

About Me

Java as a real passion

Gyllie has been doing Java development for over 8 years both for profession as well as for fun.

On top of this Gyllie is also an Oracle certified Java SE 8 Programmer.

He's also been doing Minecraft plugin development for 8 years as well as 3 years of web development.


My awesome services which I provide for your needs

Plugin Development

Minecraft/Spigot plugin development for custom needed requests

Web Development

Static & functional websites developed with NodeJS

Discord Bots

Discord bots for moderation, fun, gaming, integration with other systems or more

Other Java Requests

I also create terminal based Java software for backend systems or API's


From simple plugins to Advanced Systems

Gyllie has been professionally active in the Minecraft world since 2016.

He first started working for the Badlion Network for almost 2 years working on both plugins and backend systems.

After that he started working for multiple events hosted by Pikaclicks including Winner Takes All, Minecraft Saturdays and Minecraft Ultimate. In these events he created both plugins, donation systems with full custom backend & website integration and a full Minecraft network Mainframe.



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